Saturday, June 13, 2009

Facts about Dragonfly

Here are some really interesting facts about dragonfly...

Dragonfly eyes contain up to 30,000 individual lenses. Human eyes only have one.

They have two sets of wings. They don’t have to beat their wings in unison like other insects do. Their front wings can be going up while their backs ones are going down.

They only flap their wings at about 30 beats per second (bps) compared to a bee’s 300 bps.

Excellent and strong fliers, they can loop-the-loop, hover, and fly backwards.

An Australian variety has been clocked at 36 miles per hour.

Dragonfly nymphs (the first stage after hatching) live in the water for about a year.

While underwater they eat mosquito nymphs, tiny fish, and pollywogs. When they have matured to airborne insects, they catch mosquitoes and gnats in mid-air before devouring them.

After leaving the water and becoming flying insects, they only live for about a month.

Their natural predators are birds.

Among the many names for dragonflies around the world are Old Glassy from China, Water Dipper from England and Big Needle of Wings from the ancient Celts.

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