Thursday, May 28, 2009

Interesting Facts about Japan

In mainland of Japan and in Okinawa there are approximately 90 US military bases, 37 which are in Okinawa, occupying 20% of the landsize.

Japan does not have atomic weapon. USA, France, China, India, Russia, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea has atomic weapon.

Japan is the only country in the world ever attacked by atomic weapon.

Okinawans have more people over 100 years old per 100,000 population than anywhere else in the world.

Japanese food is considered most healthiest in the world.

Crime is lower in Japan than in many other first world countries.

Firearms are almost non-existent in the hands of civilians in Japan. The process of obtaining licence of firearm is lengthy. Crimes committed by using firearms are very rare.

Japan is exercising death penalty.

Japan's literacy rate is almost 100%.

Officially the first novel of Japan, The Tale of Genji in 1007 was written by a Japanese woman Murasaki Shikibu.

Vandalism is almost non-existent in Japan.

Japanese constitution has Article 9 which defines renunciation of war.

It is very hard for usual Japanese to obtain Japanese historical item, katana. Special permission is needed, and it is only granted for special individuals.

Japanese is the only language in the world which has a word for "death from overwork", Karoshi.

Japanese still rarely use seatbelt while riding backseat of a car.

Although Tokyo was destroyed in firebombing during the World War two, there are no popular movies about bombing of Japan. The Grave of Fireflies is only film depicting realistically a firebombing of Japanese city. New York has been frozen, destroyed, bombed, meteoritized several times in American films.

Compulsory English lessons start from the first grade of elementary school in Japan.

"Korede iinoda" is a popular Japanese phrase. It means in English "Everything is going to be all right". It was written by manga artist Akatsuka, in "Tensai Bakabon". It is usually respected as a phrase of peace.


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